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Why do Humans have Negative Brains?

Have you noticed how our brains tend to notice the negative things in life more readily than the positive? Ever wonder why? One theory that attempts to explain this is an evolutionary explanation based on the theory of natural selection. … Continue reading

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I was Desperate

I was desperate. I was stuck in an old relationship pattern and I didn’t know how to get out. I was angry at myself. I was angry at Kim, my wife. We had been doing this same destructive dance for … Continue reading

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Marital Investment Strategies, Part 3

In Part one we learned about the role of positive memories for marital success and some tips for strengthening shared memories. In part two we discussed the importance of getting couple time to make new memories as a couple. This weeks … Continue reading

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Kim and I had been married for almost a year when we realized that the best thing we could do for our marriage was to get ourselves a dishwasher for Christmas. But a few years later we were again living … Continue reading

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