Today I am Grateful for…

Instead of my usually articles this wee, I am going to share a tool that I use to help me stay focused on what is good and worthy and what I have to look forward to.  It’s the habit of making time to write out what I am excited for in the future and what I am grateful for in the past or present. Some days I e-mail these lists to friends and family. Other days they don’t make it out of my journal. Today I’m sharing them with all of you.

This tool is based on amazing research that proved that positive physical changes take place in a human brain when they take time each day to write out 3 things that they are grateful for and three things they are excited for.  It demonstrated that what we focus on in your mind changes our thought processes and our lives.

Today I am Grateful…

Soldiers from Alpha Company, 1-18 Infantry Bat...

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~For Brandon – Serving as infantry in Afghanistan
~For Joe – Serving as infantry NCO in the most dangerous place in Afghanistan
~For SPC Dove, Serving as infantry medic in Afghanistan
~For Sgt Cox, lost his foot in the most dangerous area of Afghanistan last week.
~For Hank, Serving as artillery in Afghanistan
~For Jerry, Served in Afghanistan until a medical condition prevented him from continuing.
~For Chris, Serving in Afghanistan
~For Doug, injured in Afghanistan (non-combat)
~For Bethany’s husband, Serving in Afghanistan
~For Chaplin Howell, Serving in Iraq
~For all the other soldier, Spouses, children deployed or affected by deployments to combat zones.

I am excited…
~For the freedom and safety that I enjoy
~For starting a new part time job supervising counselors at an agency
~For the shift in Kim and my relationship last night
~For many more years of morning snuggles with my family.
~The reminder that my hope is in God not numbers or other what’s.


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