Guest Blog by Scott V. Black, Founder of EmpowerU International

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Do you remember where you were 10 years ago?  That is something we will be hearing a lot of over this weekend as we commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the largest terrorist attack against the ideals and freedoms we hold dear.

Let me suggest the question is better asked not in the physical realm, but in the spirit realm, in the “personal growth” realm.  Where were you 10 years ago emotionally and psychologically in your life?  Today, compared to 10 years ago…;

  • Are you doing better with your attitude?
  • Are you closer to your goals?
  • Are your relationships more intimate?
  • Are you closer to the person you were put here to be?
  • Is your walk with God closer?
  • Has your knowledge of life and wisdom grown?

This weekend when you are reflecting on where you “where 10 years ago”, consider who are you today?

As I have been saying for many years, before Sept 11, and continue to speak the truth today…PLANES CRASH AND PEOPLE DIE, IN THE WINK OF AN EYE

…SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE IT MATTERS…so that no matter how much time you spend on this planet, it was worth it?  Your life has value!  And others in your life should have value.

You might be telling people all kinds of things, but what are your actions saying?  Where are you saying things like this;

  • I love you…
  • You are the leader in my life…
  • You are my best friend…
  • You saved my life…
  • I owe you my life…

Saying those things with your words, but your actions are saying something else…words are nothing but a whole bunch of letters put together without the energy to back them up.  We all know the saying;


What message are your actions sending?  Love is not a FEELING, it is a VERB!  What are you doing to make those people who matter feel valued…?

It is time to remember, again and make those people feel they have value!

About Dennis R. Eames

Live The Life ~ You were created for More! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in assisting couples and Families Live the Life they were created for by overcoming life’s roadblocks. I provide spirit-let, client-centered counseling. I work with individuals, couples, and families overcoming barriers including depression, anxiety, trauma or abuse, compulsive behaviors, relationship issues, and more. Dennis R. Eames Marriage and Family Therapist Alaska Marriage and Family Therapy Associates 907-570-6382
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